do: Mailing groups of people at Oxford

Sending email to one person is easy, but when you’re sending to lots of people there are multiple options. The options may depend on who will use the group, who is in it, how you want to process responses, as well as how you want to manage it.

This do: talk helps you understand which of those options is most appropriate to your needs. You may just need a simple group in Outlook, you might need a formal web-managed Mail List, or perhaps an Exchange Distribution Group is called for. After this talk you’ll know which will suit your needs best.

You will learn about group-mailing concepts and consider the benefits, limitations and best practice for: Outlook Contact Groups, Mail Lists and Distribution Groups. This talk will interest anyone who needs to email a group of people and is unsure about the best way to do so.
Look at the slides from this talk:

Do talk Mailing Groups at Oxford Matthew Gaskin

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