Install Wrapper – what’s that?

My pet GInstaller is quite mature in terms of how much it is used in our environment and also how robust it now is.  And although (years) overdue I will be publishing it soon [1].

But in the mean time it occurred to me that I may not have adequately explained exactly what I mean by an ‘Install Wrapper’. Previously I have explained it as follows:

“An Install Wrapper is the program or script that you use to execute your installation including any additional programmed logic, pre or post-requisites, and including any additional scripting tasks such as file or registry operations.”

That definition was the summary concluding a blog entry I have written on the Symantec ‘Connect’ community forums. Here is a link to that post:

Since Symantec was taken over by Broadcom in late 2019, the blog entry linked above can now be found in this blog too in order to protect it from further takeovers / mergers etc:

I hope you find this useful.

[1] In the coming months. Maybe if I keep promising it I might feel compelled to dedicate time to doing it!

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