The intention of this blog is to brain-dump things to do with my role in the University, which is mainly providing apps packaging and deployment services to IT Services, Libraries and UAS.
I’ve been a member of the IT Services’ Desktop Administration Team since June 2008.

My main function is Windows application packaging & automated installations, and automation of Windows desktop builds.

My speciality is MSI / MST packaging and re-packaging, and VBScript for automation.

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  1. horatio rooks says:

    You provided an answer on Symantec to Sally5432 “uninstall all previous versions of Java – Win7x64”?
    There was reference to an attached script, I would be very grateful to have that script sent to me as I’m working with SCCM and stuff related.
    Well, if you still have the script I’d appreciate it.
    Many Thanks, Horatio