Issues affecting printing in CONNECT

There is currently an issue affecting a small number of printers in CONNECT where a Windows Update has changed the behaviour of print driver installations causing a few to prompt for Administrator rights to install the drivers.

We are working in the back ground to identify and fix all of the affected print drivers however this is quite a manual process. In the meantime please contact the Service Desk if you are experiencing this with the asset tag (P Number) of the printer and we will get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Updated so far

Print drivers for the following device models known to have the problem have been updated and should now be back to normal.

  • Ricoh 2550 series photocopiers
  • Ricoh 3300 series photocopiers
  • Ricoh 4000 series photocopiers

Further Information

The understanding so far is that some printer drivers will prompt for admin credentials to install a print driver if it is classed as ‘unpackaged’ by Microsoft. This is a change of behaviour caused by a security update that Microsoft have released for all operating systems. In theory this will only affect you in one of two scenarios:

  • You try and add a printer which you have not used before that has a driver affected by this


  • You are logged onto a machine on which you have previously used a printer with a driver affected by this AND your last logon was on a different machine to the one you are currently using which did not have this printer installed
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