Outlook 2013 and ‘slow connections’

I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s new OFFCAT tool, which analyses your Office configuration and recommends improvements or corrections.

The results were mostly what you’d expect – there were a couple of newly-released Office-specific patches I was missing which don’t appear on WSUS, for example.

But I was surprised to see that my Outlook says I have a ‘slow network connection’. Initially I assumed this was based on some server-connectivity test but, no, it’s not. At least not according to Microsoft’s documentation:

Outlook is configured to determine a user’s connection speed by checking the network adapter speed on the user’s computer, as supplied by the operating system. If the reported network adapter speed is 128 KB or lower, the connection is defined as a slow connection.

This is odd. My Operating System reports that I have a 100Mbps connection. Hmmm. More investigation needed, methinks. Searching online suggests that I’m not the only one trying to get more information on how this assessment is made.

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