Nexus’ BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Early last week an email was sent to all Nexus BlackBerry users whose devices had not made contact for at least three months. The responses (or non-delivery reports!) from those people have allowed a further clean-up of inactive users.

Following this work the number of users remaining on Nexus’ BlackBerry Enterprise Server is now down to 33. A further four names look eligible for removal, since those users’ BlackBerries haven’t made any connection to our servers during February. For now, however, they remain listed as active users.

Maintaining two BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, and a SQL database,  for such a small number of users does not represent a good return on the effort required. The department would struggle to justify provision of a new service from which fewer than thirty University members would benefit.

Nexus’ BES service will therefore be retired ahead of the migration to Office 365. Current BlackBerry users should not replace old devices with new Blackberry handsets unless they propose to connect them to Nexus only via the ActiveSync protocol.

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