Thunderbird 60 and Nexus365 calendars

It has been brought to our attention that a recent update to Thunderbird – bringing the version number up to v60 – has the unfortunate side-effect of breaking Nexus365 calendars. Experimentation within the Nexus team has shown that the only calendar functionality that remains intact during testing is the use of one’s own calendar and, bizarrely, a single meeting room.

Calendar issues aside, this upgrade to the application is worthwhile. Testers within the Nexus team described it as  “…definitely snappier and more responsive.”

Mozilla have made a big jump with the plug-in architecture for Thunderbird (as happened for Firefox about a year ago), so to continue to use Nexus365 calendars within Thunderbird we will have to wait for the developers of the exchangecalendar plug-in to get their heads around the new design. In the meantime Outlook Web App ( gives calendar functionality via almost any modern browser.

Mozilla have provided the following guidance regarding calendar issues post upgrade:

This may also be useful:


EDIT: Version ‘v5.0.0-alpha2’ of the exchangecalendar add-on was released in the last 24 hours. Testing within the Nexus team has shown that with this version delegate calendars re-appear.




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