Nexus365’s default homepage will become

Nexus365 currently includes a user-customisable setting that allows users to personalise what page they land on when they log into the Nexus365 portal. However Microsoft have chosen to remove this functionality. They have begun rolling out a new (mandatory) home page for users logging in via the web. This will soon replace any customised landing page.

The thinking behind this change is that Microsoft’s page has evolved. Now it shows users’ most relevant applications, documents, and places where they are working. Since this useful information is all collected in one place Microsoft believe that it makes for a more useful, more consistent (and thus easier to support) default page when someone signs into Nexus365 at
Users who miss the customised starting page can continue to use browser bookmarks and direct URL navigation to get to specific Nexus365 components, applications, or pages.

When will this happen?
The change should first become visible in March 2019, when users who have set a start page other than will be directed to when they log-in.

What should I do to prepare?
Informing your users of the upcoming change would be sensible, and encouraging them to bookmark any custom page they’ve set as their start page.

How can I stay informed?
The Nexus Team make information available via this blog, and via the IT Services Service Desk.
You can also review upcoming changes yourself via Microsoft’s roadmap page. This specific change can be found on that roadmap here.

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