Microsoft Feedback

We regularly get support tickets in our help system asking us to ‘ask Microsoft to…’ or ‘request Microsoft fix this’ which, in the past, have been difficult to fulfil. Microsoft have attempted to improve user input and feedback via the UserVoice system, which allowed people to vote for their preferred changes/improvements. The number of votes gave Microsoft a clear view of where they should best target their development effort.

Now the process has been refined further. UserVoice has been replaced with the Feedback Portal. There is also documentation on how this works here. In general though, if you have clicked the ‘Feedback to Microsoft’ or the ‘I have a suggestion’ boxes in any of your Office applications, you are actually sending this directly to Microsoft. There is therefore no need to log a ticket for us to do this for you and in fact to do so will simply delay them receiving your request.

The portal allows you to see, edit, and delete, any of your previous feedback should you change your mind.

Microsoft have stated that while not every bit of feedback can be guaranteed to be actioned, the data is sent to the relevant product teams and it should all get evaluated.¬† There are several responses you should expect to see to any feedback you’ve given, which include letting you know it’s being worked on, or requesting additional information. The feedback portal does also allow you to give feedback on itself, if you feel that it too can be improved.

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