Teams Rooms licence changes

We are currently in a ‘grace period’ where Microsoft allows Teams Rooms devices without a valid device-specific licence to still continue to work. This represents an extension of 90 days from the original deadline, which was going to be 1st July 2023.

We can see that there are a number of unofficial Teams Rooms devices in use within the University, mostly operating via a normal user’s login. Doing that is a potential breach of University regulations, as well as a potential breach of licencing terms. I therefore urge you to legitimise these devices via the official service request process as soon as possible, and ideally well before the end of September 2023: this is when the current grace period ends and represents the point at which these devices will cease to work.

The Nexus Team will not be operating any special expedited process to register devices which have been operating outside the rules which are caught out by this long-advertised and significantly-postponed change in licencing rules.



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