An Advent Adventure – Stardev Syswars

On 24th November 2012, sysdev were given an advent calendar by one of their most highly respected and long-standing colleagues. Circumstances mean that we cannot all get together for a daily team meeting over a cup of coffee to open each window as we follow the lead up to Christmas Day. Instead, each of us in the team will share in the honourable duty of unveiling this series of seasonal surprises (sequentially!), and post the new-found treasures here to be seen by all, but most importantly by our esteemed and trusted friend.

There is a member of the team ready to leap into action for each day in advent, and their find will be added to this post. Please note that practicalities at weekends may mean that some additions won’t appear until the following weekday.

1st December (John) – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

2nd December (Julian) – what’s with the long face? A strange duck billed creature with wings for ears arrives on the scene ….

3rd December (Rob) – a space-age trebuchet …

4th December (Dominic) – a star destroyer. Possibly.

5th December (Michael) – a MTT

6th December (Nigel) – a droid looking to fix something (with spanner borrowed from Sebulba)

7th December (PeterG) – a Naboo starfighter

Day 07 Naboo starfighter

8th December (Lyn) – a Vulture droid, last seen circling over the biscuit tin

10th December (Rob) –  an Imperial Walker – I must admit that, aged whatever I was, these were almost enough to tempt me over to the dark side.

Imperial Walker

11th December (Tom) – Jar Jar getting kneecapped off a P-Tower Turret, which was today’s item. I’m not sure what the continuity people will have to say about the state of that backdrop.

Appropriately not releasing episodes in chronological order: 9th December (Stephen) An Imperial Officer in combat gear. Although outwardly serious, this officer has a sense of humour, as this forced perspective portrait of him petting the AT-AT Walker demonstrates.

12th December (DaveS pp Christian) – A Hoth rebel disguises himself as a sunglasses salesman as he infiltrates the evil specsavers empire.


13th December (Dameon) – A GNK power droid, which might be moved to the OeRC data-centre, who needs a UPS when you have one of these?

gonk droid

December 14th (DaveS) – A weapons rack.  The light-sabre  appears to have developed a fault where the blade appears the the wrong end, and a separate blade is generated through sympathetic lasing (or something).   The QM has her work cut out fixing this lot.


December 15th (Tommy B) A snow trooper preparing for his assault, I feel he will need yesterdays weapon rack .

December 16th (Dave H) A Naboo Royal Cruiser, being pursued by the Vulture Droid (where’s the Naboo Starfighter when you need it?)

December 17th (Dom pp Christian) A Naboo Flash Speeder

December 18th (Michael) A Rebel Trooper, using the P-Tower turret to good effect to try and take out the Imperial Walker

December 19th (Nigel) A Separatist Shuttle, probably shuttling separatists.

December 20th (PeterG) General Grievous starfighter

December 21st (Rob) – B2 Super Battle Droid, man that thing looks mean … OMG! It blasted my camera!

December 22nd  (Lyn) -Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator, depolyed late and arrived late-must have been the beer on Lyn’s desk


December 23rd (Dameon) – Ever mischievous, R2D2 throws a snowball and gets a gonk droid in the eye. Ever vigilant, Darth Santa adds R2DSnowman to the naughty list

Snowball Fight!

December 24th (Tom) – An orderly queue is formed to sit on Darth Santa’s knee and get a present


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