Turnitin use growing at Oxford University

The use of Turnitin at Oxford University continues to grow, both by using the direct Turnitin UK submissions system, and through the Assignments tool in WebLearn.

We now have approx 143 Turnitin Instructor accounts; 30 new ones were created during HT2012. Around a third of all submissions to Turnitin were via WebLearn, and these are on the increase. In the last 12 months (Feb 2011 to Feb 2012), there have been 4544 submissions to Turnitin, of which 2156 have been via WebLearn, i.e. 47.44%.

See Melissa Highton’s blog post for more information on the support offered to staff and students by the Learning Technologies Group: http://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/melissa/2012/03/10/is-it-catching/

Watch this space for more information about OUCS courses on the avoidance of plagiarism and the use of Turnitin.

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