Turnitin User Group site in WebLearn

The Turnitin User Group site in WebLearn is located at https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/info/plag/tiiug. It is a joinable site, open to all.

Joining/Leaving the WebLearn site
There is a link on the site Home Page to join the site. On joining, you become a member, will receive emails sent to the mailing list (see below), will be able to participate in Forum discussions, and the site will appear in your “My Active Sites”. If you wish to leave the site, you can do so via Site Info > Leave this site.

Site Members
The Site Members tool displays a list of all members of the site.

Mailing List
The address of the mailing list for the Turnitin User Group is: tii-community@weblearn.ox.ac.uk. Its purpose is SITE-WIDE communication, so note that all messages sent to this address will go to all site members.

You need to join the site (see above) in order to send messages to this list.

We have set up a Forum with topics for us to continue the discussion about issues and questions to take to the Proctors and Education Committee. There are topics for each group to continue their discussion, a topic for additional contributions from those who could not attend yesterday’s meeting, and a place for us to develop a consolidated list.

There is a folder for Group notes and presentations from the face-to-face meeting. There is also a folder to share any teaching and training materials that we may have about avoiding plagiarism and using Turnitin.

Let’s make it a vibrant site with ongoing discussions and sharing of ideas and resources.

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