Turnitin User Group – questions for central administration

[This blog post is directed to members of Oxford University]

We are working towards clarifying plagiarism policies and the use of Turnitin at the university. One of the most helpful things is to talk to others from other faculties and schools, and compare notes. The Turnitin User Group is a perfect place to do so – both in the online WebLearn site, and the face-to-face meetings that are held once per term: see https://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TTEP

Link to Turnitin User Group site:

There is a new forum for us to post important questions that we need to take further – see image below. In the Forums tool on the site, click on the topic of your choice and then ‘Start a New Conversation’ in order to make your voice heard.


Please post your questions in the Forums tool in the User Group site listed above. We can then take up a consolidated list  of questions with decision makers in the university. Thanks in anticipation for your input and ideas.

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