3-month report: June to August 2015


Martin Haldley profile

Martin Hadley profile

We’re very pleased to welcome Martin Hadley to the research support team. Martin will focus on supporting academics in using a variety of tools for preparing and sharing data sets, and in particular academics interested in using data visualization to connect with potential collaborators, and engage the public in research.

DHOxSS 2015 was a great success, and coped well with the increased numbers. The DHOxSS is a collaboration between various units of the University of Oxford donating their time as DHOxSS Directors, Organisational Committee, Workshop Organisers, Speakers, and in the work of the IT Services Events Team. Speakers and Workshop Organisers are rewarded for their labours through attendance at the DHOxSS welcome reception and sometimes other events. The enterprise as a whole is financially underwritten by IT Services. For more information see the Digital Humanities website or a blog post report by Dr James Cummings.

Adelina Tomovo, Suzy Shepherd and Rowan completed our latest set of videos for the openness at Oxford series on podcasts.ox.ac.uk. These videos are particularly impressive in terms of production values, and the academics involved: Ben Goldacre, Danny Dorling, Chris Lintott, Maja Založnik, Jacob Dahl, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Antoine Jerusalem to name just a few. The videos present an upbeat but realistic view on research data management and the challenges ahead.

The Live Data, Participant Data and Blender 3D project funding requests have all been approved for funding and will start September/October 2015.

James Wilson completed the EPSRC readiness report which is looking at ways to support academics who need to manage research data.

Rowan Wilson completed the lecture capture report which will be used to inform decisions relating to procurement of ‘cloud’ storage for recorded lecture recordings.

Martin Wynne completed the first phase of the WebCMS project (looking to create a service for members of the University to create websites using pre-defined templates using Drupal). We are now waiting to see what is proposed for the next phase.

We continue to support the Science Oxford STEM Ambassadors scheme by offering work experience to local GCSE students. We hosted Lukas Kaczkowski from St Gregory the Great, John Kafke from the Cheney School and John Albury from Deer Park school in Cirencester.

Progress against plans for last 3 months

ngagement statistics, June to August 2015

Engagement statistics, June to August 2015

  1. We met our budget target for 2014-15 and have a healthy pipeline of work for the coming year
  2. The ORDS software has been handed over to the Software Solutions service team and has 20+ academic projects on the go
  3. Martin completed his Clarin Eric and OeRC related work for 2015
  4. Rowan, Adelina and Suzy updated our openness series of videos on podcasts.ox.ac.uk
  5. Martin Hadley has been inducted, (or is it induced?)
  6. We’re helping to form the RDM delivery group which will bring together Research Services, Bodleian and IT services staff
  7. We seem more relaxed after some holiday

Plans for next 3 months

  1. Start the Live data, Participant data and Blender 3d projects
  2. Start working with the Bodleian Digital Manuscripts Toolkit project which is in turn part of the Mellon funded International Image Interoperability Framework: http://iiif.io/
  3. Run the RDM delivery group meetings with teams at Research Services and the Bodleian Libraries i.e. maintain the RDM roadmap and producing a report for the RDM working group each term
  4. Agree next phase of Clarin work with OeRC and PIs in Utrecht
  5. Work with the ITLP to create a data science / RDM series of taught courses focused on tools and techniques for tidying, analysing, sharing and preserving data.
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