Lecture Capture begins to take flight…

As the IT Services trial has progressed, more and more departments are expressing interest in capturing lectures. Hopefully Michaelmas Term 2014 will see the following departments joining the trial:

nuffield photoSeminar Videoing: Nuffield Department of Population Health

A post-graduate department within the Medical Sciences Division, there is strong interested in recording the Richard Doll Seminar series through the year. The seminar is presented weekly by invited speakers. The department is currently in the planning stage and acquiring recording equipment.

light-virus-1Pedagogical Innovation: William James, Professor of Virology

Professor James is experimenting with producing 10 minute snapshot lectures of key ideas, then integrating with WebLearn for small formative tests to ensure understanding. This would be a supplement to live sessions, and would be ideal for medical students who, in later years, often face an erratic schedule that makes it difficult to attend full sessions.

parisLecture Capture and Recording Discussions: Modern and Medieval Languages

The sub-department of Medieval French has began discussions into capturing a series of lectures given on commentary, as students attend these lectures and then do not revisit the text until final exams. Furthermore, several lecturers are interested in recording a panel discussion.

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