More ways in which to use Replay Lecture Capture

Learning technologists from Academic IT Services participate in the Enhancing Teaching Programme offered to early career academics and teaching staff by the Oxford Learning Institute. We present sessions on Replay Lecture Capture; the flipped classroom; and tools and processes for peer assessment.

During the session on 23 June 2017, we discussed with participants some novel ways to use the Replay lecture capture service, which we summarise here:

  1. Student-produced recordings as part of an assessment portfolio: Students may use the centrally-provided Replay service to make their own recordings (which may be audio only, audio + slides, or video, audio + slides) as part of their assessment activities. They need to be provided with the ‘access’ (student) role in a relevant WebLearn site (with the Recorded Lectures tool added), and have downloaded and installed the Panopto software in advance on their computer.
  2. Audio blogs for language learning: Provide the setup for your students as described above. Encourage them to make audio recordings in the foreign language they are learning, which can then be listened to by the other students and discussed or evaluated during the face-to-face class. A staff member with the ‘contribute’ role would need to review the recordings and move them into the main folder for sharing with all the site members (if desired).
  3. Record your specialist lecture: If you are team teaching on a course, and you may be away on leave when it comes to the time for your live lecture, record it in advance. Students can then watch this lecture in their own time, and it does not fall as an extra responsibility on your colleagues to have to deliver your specialist lecture on your behalf.
  4. Record a presentation given in your department by a guest lecturer: If your department runs a series of guest lectures for staff and students, record these lectures and make the (interactive) recordings available in WebLearn, and/or export the static .mp4 files and put the links on your website for unrestricted access.

More information:

Contact us:


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News of Trinity Term workshops and updates to Panopto administrative software


The Replay team is offering training workshops at beginner and intermediate levels this term. For details and booking links, visit

The workshops are designed for existing Replay users, and offer in-depth analysis of various features. If you would like to discuss topics or features not covered by the workshops, or if they are covered in a session you cannot attend, send an email to with your requests.

Updates to Panopto’s administrative features

Panopto has recently rolled out a couple of useful administrative features, both requested by Oxford:

  • System e-mails warning of offline remote recorders now go directly to local remote recorder administrators. Previously, if a remote recorder was offline, IT officers or administrators relied on the Replay team to forward the warning e-mails to them.  The notification window has also been increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Students can now access multiple Panopto folders in a single session. This fixes a longstanding usability issue, whereby access to a Panopto folder was revoked every time a student accessed a different Panopto folder from another WebLearn site, often resulting in an automated email to folder maintainers requesting access to be granted. Provided they have clicked the Lecture Capture LTI tool in each WebLearn site at least once previously, students will now be able to access all their folders within the same session.

These updates were rolled out to the cloud server and you do not need to update your recorders.

Image credit: CC0 via Pixabay

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Student satisfaction survey

Did you know that the Lecture Capture team has prepared a template in the WebLearn Surveys tool, to enable departments or lecturers to collect student feedback about how students use recorded lectures, what their preferences are, and how recordings contribute to their learning.

The standard survey is made available from 1 September to 31 August each year. Here is a link to a PDF version of the questionnaire, for you to preview the content and format of the 13 core questions provided.

You may create your own survey based on the template. Full instructions on how to copy and modify the template, or to build your survey using the existing template, are provided in the Lecture Capture (Replay) site.

Here are some of the positive comments collected from students in previous academic years:

  • “I can watch the lecture at home at my own pace to make sure I understand everything and take my notes at the same time.”
  • “If I find a concept difficult or have a momentary concentration lapse I can go back a few minutes and watch that bit again. I can also pause to make sure I understand something.”
  • “I can pause and read the slides/writing so that I understand it before moving on (especially if handwriting is difficult to understand).”
  • “I can make sure I don’t miss anything out because the lecturer goes too fast, and make better notes because I have more time. I can also add to the notes I take during the actual lectures with helpful things they say but don’t write down.”
  • “If I am ill or there is a clash that means I can’t attend, having recorded lectures means I don’t fall behind.”

If you have any questions about the student feedback survey or how to implement it, contact

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Replay Lecture Capture forum Thursday 29 Sept


The annual Replay lecture capture user forum will be held at IT Services, Banbury Road on Thursday 29th September from 14:00-16:45. There will be a buffet lunch beforehand from 13:00-14:00.

The forum is designed to bring Oxford staff up-to-date with the latest developments of the Replay lecture capture service and is an ideal opportunity to meet with other Replay users across the university.

Both academic and IT/AV/administrative staff are welcome to attend. The event is free, but please e-mail if you plan to attend so that we can correctly assess numbers for lunch.

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion, along with a series of brief talks, including:

  • An update on the use of Replay in Exam Schools and other shared spaces
  • Innovative opportunities for teaching and learning
  • What’s new with the Replay service and the Panopto software
  • Mini-case studies from several departments
  • How to get started using Replay
  • and more…

The event will be recorded for those who cannot attend. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date with the latest Replay news, consider joining the Replay WebLearn site which will subscribe you to the mailing list:

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Replay is now a service

The Replay lecture capture pilot project run by Educational Media Services is transitioning to a service across the University, using the Panopto lecture capture software (on an opt-in basis). The purpose is to record lectures as a revision aid for Oxford students; recordings are made available to students via a WebLearn site restricted to students on the course.


Nature of the new service

The service is opt-in, with no expectation or requirement that all departments (or all lecturers) should adopt lecture capture technology. One-to-one consultations are provided to discuss the needs of departments, academics and students, and make recommendations based on experiences and lessons learned from the pilot project. A basic level of service and support is available at no charge to departments – premium support is charged at usual hourly rates.

The teaching and learning aspects of the technology were evaluated towards the end of the pilot project. The evaluation report is available to University members, including some feedback from students on the value of lecture recordings to them. A generic WebLearn student feedback survey is run annually by IT Services. The questionnaire can be modified by departments to administer to their own students.

More information

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Replay Help website

The Replay team is responsible for creating and updating the Replay Help website: which is now available.


The site contains useful information about what the lecture capture service involves, how to get started and ‘how-to’ help videos demonstrating how to create, edit and view recordings. The Downloads section contains downloadable documents including an evaluation report on the prospects of using recorded lectures in teaching and learning, legal documents, recommended equipment, disability guidance, and tips for audio and video recording.

There is also a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions and answers.

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Lecture Capture and disability provision

The Replay Lecture Capture team has been working closely with the Disability Advisory Services (DAS), to formulate guidance on the relevance of recorded lectures for disability-related provision.

According to current legislation, universities are required to make “reasonable adjustments” for students with disabilities and encourage inclusive teaching practice which would benefit all students, including those who have chosen not to disclose their disability. Anticipating the needs of students with disabilities and promoting inclusive teaching practice are part of the Common Framework, which the University adheres to.


Example of a recorded Physics lecture – students can search the written and spoken words, and jump to particular slides to review certain information and reinforce their learning.

Useful links:


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How to add the ‘Recorded Lectures’ tool to your WebLearn site

It is now possible to add the Recorded Lectures tool to your WebLearn site, without requesting this from the central WebLearn team. Here’s how:

  1. Login to your WebLearn site with a maintain role and click Site Info.
  2. On the Site Info page, click the Manage Tools button.
  3. The next page shows a list of tools available in the site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate Plugin Tools and click the arrow next to it to see the Replay tool. (NOTE: During July 2016 this is called ‘Replay (New)‘ while we migrate the data to the EU cloud).
  4. Tick the check box next to Replay and click Continue button.
  5. Name the tool “Recorded Lectures” as suggested, and follow the on-screen instructions to add the tool to the left hand side of the page.
  6. If you want to move the Recorded Lectures link higher up in the menu, go to Site Info > Page Order, where you can drag the tool to the desired position, and click Save.

Staff (with the ‘contribute’ or ‘maintain’ role) can click Recorded Lectures to capture lectures or other presentations and edit them, if necessary.  Students (with the ‘access’ role) can view the recorded lectures via the same link.


Useful links:

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Replay migration to EU cloud server.

As of 1st July 2016, our Replay content is hosted on a North American (NA) cloud server at As some of you may be aware, we will soon be migrating this content to a new European (EU) cloud server.

From 11th July 2016, the NA server will become read-only and no new recordings can be uploaded to this server. All existing recordings will remain accessible to students on the old server during the content migration period, which is expected to last two to three weeks. However, the recordings on the NA server cannot be modified or edited. At the end of the process, all existing Replay content will be moved to the equivalent folders on the new EU server and we will remove the old LTI links in all WebLearn sites.

This will require you to update your Windows and Mac Panopto recorder software to point to the new EU server address at

Throughout July, you will see two LTI menu links: the existing link typically labelled “Recorded Lectures”, and a new LTI menu tool typically labelled “Recorded Lectures (new)” or “Recorded Lectures (EU)”. Clicking this new LTI tool will take you to the new EU server, directly to the new Panopto folder and subfolders associated with your WebLearn site. Initially this folder will be empty, but once the copy process has completed near the end of July, this folder will be populated with the content from the NA server. The migrated content may then be modified and edited again.

Please update your recorder software before 11th July so that you do not experience a break in your ability to create new recordings. We recommend you also take this opportunity to download and install the latest 5.2 version of the Panopto recorder software, as older versions (v5.0 and earlier) will be unsupported from July 29th:

Manual recorder for 32-bit Windows 7/8/10

Manual recorder for 64-bit Windows 7/8/10

Manual recorder for Mac OS X 10.9 and later

Remote recorder for Windows 7/8/10 (for lecture theatres and teaching spaces)

As always, please get in touch via if you require help, or if you have any questions or concerns.

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How to join the Replay Lecture Capture site and mailing list

The Replay lecture capture project has a site in WebLearn, with an associated mailing list: Replay site in WebLearn

Replay WL site

The site is ‘joinable’, which means that an Oxford user will need to log in, and then elect to join the site. You will then automatically receive emails sent to the site email address, which is

You can also initiate an email to the group by sending it to the same email address. It will go to all the site members on the mailing list (currently 77 people). If you click on Site Members on the left hand tools menu, you will see who the site members are.

When you receive an email from the list, clicking on ‘Reply’ will send the reply to the original sender only. If you click ‘Reply All’, the reply will go to all the site members on the mailing list.

Contact the Replay team:
Replay Help website:

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