News of Trinity Term workshops and updates to Panopto administrative software


The Replay team is offering training workshops at beginner and intermediate levels this term. For details and booking links, visit

The workshops are designed for existing Replay users, and offer in-depth analysis of various features. If you would like to discuss topics or features not covered by the workshops, or if they are covered in a session you cannot attend, send an email to with your requests.

Updates to Panopto’s administrative features

Panopto has recently rolled out a couple of useful administrative features, both requested by Oxford:

  • System e-mails warning of offline remote recorders now go directly to local remote recorder administrators. Previously, if a remote recorder was offline, IT officers or administrators relied on the Replay team to forward the warning e-mails to them.  The notification window has also been increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Students can now access multiple Panopto folders in a single session. This fixes a longstanding usability issue, whereby access to a Panopto folder was revoked every time a student accessed a different Panopto folder from another WebLearn site, often resulting in an automated email to folder maintainers requesting access to be granted. Provided they have clicked the Lecture Capture LTI tool in each WebLearn site at least once previously, students will now be able to access all their folders within the same session.

These updates were rolled out to the cloud server and you do not need to update your recorders.

Image credit: CC0 via Pixabay

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