Replay is now a service

The Replay lecture capture pilot project run by Educational Media Services is transitioning to a service across the University, using the Panopto lecture capture software (on an opt-in basis). The purpose is to record lectures as a revision aid for Oxford students; recordings are made available to students via a WebLearn site restricted to students on the course.


Nature of the new service

The service is opt-in, with no expectation or requirement that all departments (or all lecturers) should adopt lecture capture technology. One-to-one consultations are provided to discuss the needs of departments, academics and students, and make recommendations based on experiences and lessons learned from the pilot project. A basic level of service and support is available at no charge to departments – premium support is charged at usual hourly rates.

The teaching and learning aspects of the technology were evaluated towards the end of the pilot project. The evaluation report is available to University members, including some feedback from students on the value of lecture recordings to them. A generic WebLearn student feedback survey is run annually by IT Services. The questionnaire can be modified by departments to administer to their own students.

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