Do recorded lectures adversely affect lecture attendance?

This message was sent via the Jisc Higher Education Lecture Capture mailing list on 31 October 2018:

Is video killing attendance?
Capturing lectures on video for students to watch online is common practice in most universities. But does it just lead to truancy, as some critics argue? Advocates meanwhile say it is a sensible use of modern technology that will ensure nobody misses out. THE reporter Anna McKie delves into this controversial topic to look at the evidence for and against recording lectures and whether more needs to be done to guide students in using the footage in a beneficial way.”

Data Editor, Times Higher Education

Dr Liz Masterman, Senior Research Officer in the Technology-Enhanced Learning team, IT Services commented:

“The article draws the conclusion that we pointed out in the Replay Evaluation Report: i.e. that multiple factors can impact on attendance and lecturers, and students need to be taught how to make the best use of recorded lectures to support their learning. The THE article also suggests that comparing attendances at recorded vs non-recorded lectures may not be the most fruitful approach.”

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