Panopto is a presenter’s best friend

As part of the IT Service internship, all interns are required to present on their respective projects. Discovering I was going to be away at this point seemed like a fun opportunity to reverse the typical use of Panopto – instead of no viewers present at the live session seeing a recording later, I was absent and my pre-recorded speech was shown.

The setup was very simple: the presentation laptop already had Panopto installed. I selected to record in a small conference room in an attempt to imagine how it would feel if I was actually a lecturer delivering. A member of the Lecture Capture team set up a video feed and showed how to upload my PowerPoint into Panopto – and we were away! With a click of the mouse, I performed my entire presentation. 6 minutes later – done. And all thAT remained was to chop a few minutes of paper shuffling and unappealing facials from the end.

Despite having never used the software myself, I found it very straightforward. It was very easy, and I particularly liked the fact that with my Panopto login, I was able to do the editing elsewhere – I was not tied to a fixed location or PC.

The only issue was that the presentation computer was very slow, and unfortunately the PowerPoint was very jerky. This was reflected in the video, and this couldn’t be edited. For this reason, my own recommendation would be make sure all the feeds are exactly as you wish, and use a computer that runs quicker than a snail!

The reception to the presentation from those who saw it was very positive.

How my presentation appears to a viewer through Panopto

How my presentation appears to a viewer through Panopto

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