Exploring the learning benefits of lecture capture – recorded presentation

On Monday 24 November 2014, the team presented a talk as part of the IT Learning Programme’s ‘Engage’ series, on the topic of ‘Exploring the learning benefits of lecture capture’. Debra Garretson (Head of Account Management at Panopto) gave an overview of Panopto and how it is being used by some universities. Jill Fresen (Lecture Capture Project Manager) described the current Panopto trial (2014 calendar year), including the departments using the system, and how some lecturers are already pre-recoding ‘podlets’ (coined by Prof William James) to record ‘nuggets’ at their desk, to augment the learning resources available to students.

True to form, the talk was recorded using Panopto (integrated audio and slides – no video on this occasion), and is available to listen to: https://oxforduniversity.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Sessions/List.aspx#sortColumn=1&sortAscending=false&folderSets=7


More information is available from these sources:

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