Lecture Capture Continues Onwards

We Never Left

We’re back! It may have been a few months since this blog was last updated, but the lecture capture project has continued unabated. The technical trial, that took place in 2014, was completed, and provided the lecture capture team with valuable knowledge on how to improve the system and address any issues that may arise during further implementation. These lessons are detailed in an separate post.

The Pilot Project

A university-wide pilot project was implemented from the start of 2015. This involved more departments, more courses, and more students than did the technical trial (a list of participating departments is available in a separate blog post). Many departments indicated their interest in lecture capture and began trialling it, some more extensively than others. Some made use of the software for recording lectures, and so helped students prepare for essays and exams. Others employed it in innovative ways, creating new teaching approaches or making material available to ever broader audiences. Many of the departments involved with the technical trial, obviously impressed with the results, have chosen to roll out lecture capture to new courses this year, expanding their use of the system and trying to ensure more students benefit from it. Meanwhile, students have made use of it in ever greater numbers, and proven enthusiastic adopters of this new tool. It has been a busy and interesting year!


The Results Are In!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be speaking with those who participated in the pilot project and gathering feedback from student questionnaires. I’ll post the results here and detail the most interesting and innovative uses of lecture capture.

If you have questions, comments, complaints, or anything else relating to the lecture capture project, please contact  replay@it.ox.ac.uk.

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