Come Fly With Us: Pilot Project Departments

The Pilot Project

Several departments and faculties participated in the 2014 lecture capture trial and continued using the system during the 2015 pilot project. The list of all participants is below:

Biomedical Services
Cyber Security (Centre for Doctoral Training)
Department of Computer Science
Department for Continuing Education
Department of Economics
Department of Physics
Department of Statistics
English Faculty
Faculty of Classics
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Faculty of Philosophy
History of Art Department
Law Faculty
Oxford Human Rights Hub
Saïd Business School
School of Pathology
School of Public Health (Nuffield Department of Population Health)


The Good News

As might be expected, departmental needs and usage of the lecture capture system vary. Some use it merely as a means of recording lectures, while others employ it to facilitate innovative pedagogical approaches, such as a lecturer recording 10-minute ‘podlets’ in their office to support student learning. The lecture capture team has been able to test the system in a variety of situations and as a solution to several different learning needs. The results are positive – all the departments will continue to use lecture capture, and most plan to expand their use (by recording more courses or employing it in different ways) in the coming year.

If you have questions, comments, complaints, or anything else relating to the lecture capture project, please contact

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