Call to participate in testing Assignments2

The WebLearn Assignments tool enables a tutor or lecturer to set up an ‘assignment’, allowing students to upload electronic essays. WebLearn keeps track of submissions and allows online or offline marking and commenting on the essay. The tool is integrated with the Turnitin plagiarism awareness system  ̶  submissions can be sent through Turnitin automatically, with Originality Reports being returned in the WebLearn tool.

A new enhanced version of the WebLearn Assignments tool will be piloted over the summer: Assignments2. The primary advantage of the new tool is the significantly better Turnitin integration options: multiple attachments are possible, the tutor can select which repository to store the student paper in (if any) and which databases to match the paper against, and the assignment close date is now passed to Turnitin.

The pilot project will allow users to try out the new tool before it goes into the live system. It is possible to run both Assignments and Assignments2 in one WebLearn site, and assignments that exist in the current tool can be imported into the new version of the tool.

We invite current and potential users of the Assignments tool to test Assignments2 and contribute your ideas and requests. If you are interested in being involved please email

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