Security advice to students about plagiarism detection websites

Students are strongly advised against the use of websites claiming to check their work for plagiarism. A student recently uploaded their work, only to discover too late that the website concerned was potentially fraudulent. This has caused great distress and worry to the student in the run-up to an important examination. If you are concerned that your work includes plagiarised content you should recheck your work, revisit your sources and check that quotes are referenced correctly. Guidance on avoiding plagiarism is available from your tutor and your department.  
The University makes available the Turnitin Service to be used by tutors and students (via your tutor or supervisor) in detecting text that matches various electronic sources, including the internet. More information about the service is available here: . If you have made use of a plagiarism detection website outside the university and you are concerned about it, you should contact your tutor or course supervisor immediately.

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