Turnitin and iThenticate review project

IT Services recently ran a project to review the use of the University’s licences for Turnitin (to screen the coursework of registered Oxford students) and the sister product¬†iThenticate (to screen personal statements and other materials submitted by prospective students).

The finding of the review project is that the University should keep both services and review their respective product offerings over the coming two years. Turnitin is embarking on a major redesign of their underlying system architecture, and the University is considering a new virtual learning environment, which may affect integration with Turnitin. Both these activities introduce some uncertainty into the landscape.

The project recommends that our Technology Enhanced Learning team should continue to consult with Turnitin about the University’s needs, and participate in the current sector-wide discussions. We will also increase awareness around the University about the two products and clarify their allowed usage according to the licence conditions.

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