Turnitin’s summary of UK User Summit (19 Oct 2017)

This blog already contains an entry on the national UK User Summit that was held in Newcastle on 19 October 2017.

Here is a summary (with links to further information) provided by Turnitin after the event:

  • More education is needed to communicate what academic integrity actually means – for both staff and students.
  • This lack of understanding represents a major reputational risk for individual institutions, awarding bodies and the HE sector as a whole.
  • Contract cheating is a growing industry. 800–1,200 different websites have been identified as selling essays – there is sure to be more out there.
  • The QAA, working in partnership with Turnitin, provided an overview of its latest policy to help HE institutions address contract cheating and essay mills.
  • However, it is not just essay mills that are the problem. “When a student gets someone else to do the work for them, they usually give it to a friend or a family member or someone they know rather than a commercial service.” Phil Newton, University of Swansea (Watch Phil’s presentation here)

The Support and Consultation team in Academic IT Services (Technology-Enhanced Learning) is working closely with Turnitin and the UK higher education sector on these and many more aspects of promoting academic integrity.

Contact Oxford University Turnitin support: turnitin@it.ox.ac.uk


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