No new date yet for Turnitin switchover

UPDATE: 12 January 2017
Turnitin has advised that work on the new integration has been postponed due to staff changes and other constraints in both Turnitin and the Canadian university that is leading the work. Oxford staff need take no action. The change to the underlying software is unlikely to take place in the foreseeable future.

In previous communications, we advised Oxford Turnitin users that the Turnitin company will be withdrawing their current Sakai (WebLearn) integration, which will require our central WebLearn team to implement an alternative integration. The initial planned withdrawal date was 31 December 2016.

However, Turnitin have changed their plans and decided to delay the withdrawal of the current integration. We have not yet had confirmation of a new withdrawal date, so can only assume that the current functionality will continue for the foreseeable future. We expect that the Turnitin providers will need to give plenty of notice to institutions before implementing the envisaged switchover.

We apologise for any confusion. If you have any questions, please contact

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