Lecture Capture: A brief summary of the project

This educational media innovation project is identifying options for departments and colleges within the collegiate University wishing to record lectures at scale. In order to meet existing demand from departments and schools that have requested such a service, the project is carrying out a number of live trials in Physics, English, Computer Science, the Said Business School and History of Art. It will make recommendations as to possible ways forward for a scaled and widespread use of this technology, if appropriate.

Automated lecture capture is a new and evolving technology that allows learners to review a lecture online within hours, and provides an archive of lecture recordings for exam preparation and revision. Oxford students have frequently requested this facility and departments are starting to request advice in this area. We are testing software to record lectures easily and automatically have them viewable in a private course area of WebLearn for students to access. Project outputs will document authentic Oxford scenarios and lessons learned. The project is being delivered by the Educational Media Services andWebLearn teams in IT Services, working closely with a small number of departments and units in response to their articulated needs.

Lecture capture aims to be a supplement, not a replacement

Lecture capture aims to be a supplement, not a replacement for the traditional lecture theatre

As a result of this technical trial, the relevant teams will be better able to respond, advise and support departments who wish to record their lectures and offer a more efficient service to support conferences and events. The project aims to produce recommendations for a possible future centrally supported lecture recording service. Please contact Jill Fresen for further information.

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