The New Intern

An Intern’s Footwear

Last summer this blog was maintained by an intern working closely with the lecture capture team, and the team has elected to employ a summer intern again this year. That’s me. I’m going to be taking over the blog for the next couple of months, attempting to fill the shoes of last year’s intern.

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Who Am I?

I am a student at Oxford (St Anne’s College), and have just finished the first year of a two year MPhil program in Traditional East Asia (essentially I study premodern East Asian history and languages) at the Oriental Institute. I did my undergraduate degree in History and Japanese at the University of Sheffield, so, although I do study the entire East Asian region, my focus is geared more towards Japan, and particularly its medieval period. However, I have also taken some courses on different education systems around the globe, which sparked my interest in e-learning and its impact upon students. That’s the main reason I applied for this internship; it gives me the chance to get hands-on experience with technology around the university, and maybe, in some small way, to contribute to the improvement of the University’s use of technology in classrooms and lecture halls.

What Will I do?

Aside from the blog, I’ll be speaking with academics, IT staff, and students to get their praises, grievances, and recommendations concerning lecture capture. Plus, I’ll be investigating innovative and unexpected uses of the software. As I gather information I will report my findings here. I hope you will all enjoy exploring the pilot project, both the good and bad, together with me!

If you have questions, comments, complaints, or anything else relating to the lecture capture project, then please contact

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