CONNECT – UAS network drive outage

Last updated: 07.39, Friday 10th March

Work continued throughout Wednesday and Thursday to recover from Wednesday’s failure affecting UAS network drives. All departmental drives were available from 11am Thursday morning and access to the P drive was restored last night. Anyone who is still missing or unable to access drives will need to re-logon to restore access.

The overnight work on the Student Administration drive has also been completed successfully and the drive is now fully accessible. Again if anyone is unable to access it please re-logon to ensure the connection is re-established.

A number of photocopiers within UAS are used to scan documents to departmental drives. Work is underway to update those that were configured, please see this blog post for updates on this.

We apologise for the disruption this has caused for departments. We are carrying out a root cause analysis of the fault to confirm our understanding of the underlying issue with a view to mitigating future risk. Anyone who is experiencing problems should email the Service Desk,

Drives that were affected (now all available):

  • Registrar’s Office
  • Vice Chancellor’s Office
  • Proctors Office
  • University Card Office (AAD)
  • Security Services
  • Student Welfare & Services (SWSS)
  • IT Services Training
  • Salaries (Finance Division)
  • Legacy Admin websites (WWW)
  • Student Administration Services (SAS)
  • Social Sciences Divisional Office
  • Public Relations
  • Student Funding & Access (SFAO)
  • Purchasing (Finance Division)
  • University Shop
  • Staff Development and Equal Opportunities (SDEO)
  • Personnel Services
  • Tax (Finance Division)
  • Research Services
  • Safety Office
  • Reprographics
  • IT Services – Prophecy
  • Student (Examination Schools)
  • Word Processing (Estates)
  • Safety Office
  • Public (P Drive)
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