CONNECT file store migrations: Bodleian – day 4 complete

The forth night of migrations have completed successfully. This included the following folders:

  • Acqscan SSL
  • Academic Reviews
  • Acqscan PTF
  • Acqscan CED
  • comms-directorate
  • Acqscan VHL
  • Archive-BSF
  • Acqscan BODX
  • bsf-ops
  • Acqscan LAC
  • Acqscan MUS
  • BTAG
  • Acqscan BJL
  • Acqscan EDU
  • Bodleian Facilities
  • acqmanagement
  • Archives-catalogue-masters

If you are unable to access this data in the new location please log off and on again before contacting the Service Desk

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