Return of the Advent 2

December 1st

lego spacecraftThe Mandalorian touched down on the head of the sleeping womp rat, hoping that his beskar armour would be a match for it. Kuiil had warned him, “Five ends of a womp rat are sharp. I have spoken.”

December 2nd

“I am going to stomp so much mud into your laptop for this” plotted the womp rat, unamused by Riot Mar’s plastic starfighter, or that hydrocarbons were frittered on purposes other than womp rat warming.

December 3rd

lego stormtrooper by webcam“Teams xmas party!” enthused the stormtrooper, imagining all the cocktail stick snacking opportunities. “Timesheet it under ITS00A, xmas party replacement project, and don’t invite the cabinet secretary”. Raising a skewered cube of non-dairy alternative he declared, “That’s no moon”.

December 4th

lego stormtrooper holding heavy repeating blasterThe stormtrooper guarded the womp rat carefully, as the Index transited to some dangerous locations, frequented by the undead. System 522 was particularly infested, until a brave soldier of the rebellion carried out an epic mission to wipe them out once and for all.

December 5th

lego stormtrooper pointing gun at target“Surely I can’t miss at this range” hoped the stormtrooper, blissfully ignorant of the fact that Miles Dyson had just rolled out a firmware upgrade to the autonomous targets, and one was now sneaking up behind him.

December 6th

lego imperial troop transport“All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for, breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Services! A day in the Services is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Services!”

December 7th

lego speederWith no towing cable to wrap around the legs of the Wampa, Mythrol relied on the agility of his speeder to evade the beast. Luckily his entertainment system allowed him to skip past all the unwanted intrusions, especially the repetitive ones, looking at you Marc Jacobs. Mythrol did not enjoy repetition, preferring to automate it away like a thought-leader.

December 8th

lego tusken raiderObi-Wan told Luke, “Raiders are easily startled, but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers”, while plotting to hand over his galactic struggle. “Ar Ar Ar”.

December 9th

lego tusken raider doing gymnasticsDuring lock-down, Bob had been working out.

December 10th

lego tusken raider hanging upside downIn his home town, Bob’s dancing was legendary.

December 11th

lego xwing with a wing broken off after a cat rolled on itAfter a lengthy stay in rehab, Sid repaid the rebellion for their damaged X-Wing, and promised to stay clean. No rebels, droids or other life forms were harmed, however some catnip did get spilled.

December 12th

lego tie fighterThe TIE Fighter pilot was concerned that Sid’s delivery method for the booster jab might not meet NHS hygiene standards.

December 13th

lego scout trooper holding toothGot root.

December 14th

lego scouter trooper weapon rack, on a catJabba had put on some weight for the winter, but that’s normal, it says so on Mumsnet.

December 15th

lego scout trooper on a speeder bikeWithout GPS from the navigation tower on Exegol, the scout trooper had made a very wrong turn.

December 16th

lego droid sledUnfortunately the sled design maximum load had been specified during the summer months.

December 17th

lego imperial light cruiserThe imperial light cruiser performed the Holdo maneuver, using its engines like a laser pointer to exercise the monster.

December 18th

lego interrogation droidGet jabbed, rebel scum.

December 19th

boba fett's starshipBoba Fett was concerned about the structural integrity of Cloud City, which it emerged had been built out of cardboard.

December 20th

There were always a few weapons in the Hangar Bay.

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