Local Student Marketplace

IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Timothy Seabrook

Autumn 2015 round

For more information, please contact innovations@it.ox.ac.uk


Supp! is a student‐oriented eMarketplace promoting local trade. Our platform aims to reduce the waste produced by universities, by enabling users to donate and sell within their community. This will be achieved simply and safely via cash payments or via secure PayPal transfers for higher valued items. It’s completely free to trade locally, and aims to be mobile friendly, so users can list hassle free via their smartphones, allowing for an effective way to connect with their community.

Our aim is to create an online space that supports students and staff, to encourage green trading and stimulate a sharing economy. At Oxford last year, a total of £18,000 worth of items was donated to BHF by students leaving at the end of term. Much of this value is lost, with clothes being sold for as little as 76 pence per kilo at last resort. It is easy to see that both staff and students could benefit from a marketplace, allowing them to recoup some of the value in goods bought throughout the year.

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