An introductory resource for digital textual editing and analysis

IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Helen Brown

2015/2016 round (offered funding but did not start)

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This project presents a website offering an introduction for researchers and students who want to engage with digital textual editing and analysis – either by actively learning and implementing new skills, or simply by becoming acquainted with an increasingly significant field within Humanities scholarship. Its content will include a showcase of and introduction to the models and tools currently available, as well as case studies of digital editions and other textual research resources, and collated tips and troubleshooting advice from experts in the field. It would also provide a gateway to recommended training courses and a curated bibliography of helpful links and texts.

The site will be designed to serve as a starting point for further research, building a level of familiarity with the field in an inspiring and non-intimidating way and without assuming any technical knowledge or editorial experience on the part of the user. I hope that scholars could engage with the site to ascertain the best potential approaches and methods to address and answer a specific research question. It would also connect users to existing models, tools and resources that may exemplify or assist the work they would like to accomplish. Thus informed, users could then explore how to gain the skills required, and identify individuals or projects to whom they might turn for assistance. In consequence, the site would also present a consolidation of recent progress in digital scholarly editing to those seeking a high-level overview of the field.

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