OxReach Crowdfunding Platform

IT Innovation ChallengesStaff project based in Isis Innovation

Hilary round 2015

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For more information, please contact innovation@it.ox.ac.uk


This proposal comes from Isis Innovation (the University’s Technology Transfer Office). Isis is seeking funding to set up the OxReach rewards based crowdfunding platform with the educational crowdfunding experts at Hubbub.net.

Rewards based crowdfunding is a collective effort involving a group of people (the crowd, contributors, backers) and a project creator (a University of Oxford student or academic) to fund a specific venture. The creator of that venture requests the crowd to contribute small amounts of capital to fund his or her concept, hosted from the OxReach internet-based platform. In return for the crowd’s contributions, rewards or perks are offered to the contributors from the venture.

Through the platform, students, academics and members of staff would be able to solicit additional financial support for the innovative, entrepreneurial or high-impact projects and ideas that they are most passionate about, and that potentially do not suit other traditional funding methods (e.g angel funding/ grant funding etc).

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