April update


Oxford rain CC BY-NC-SA © YBP

April has been and and gone with plenty of showers, not always so sweet. For IT Innovation, April was a busy month. Work has continued on getting the successful projects from the Autumn round set up and ready to start, which has involved meeting with all the student projects to go through the administrative procedures involved. Some of them have started and the rest will follow in the months to come. Please keep an eye on the IT Innovation blog for updates. A kick-off meeting was held with people involved in the projects, where they could make contact and share ideas (see separate post).

This month has also seen the ideas from the Spring challenge be reviewed and shortlisted. Of the 26 ideas that were submitted, seven were invited to progress to the final stage which involves submitting a project proposal and presenting it to the IT Innovation Panel. Idea creators are invited to meet with the IT Innovation team to talk about their plans and the process of writing the proposal. We find these meetings very interesting – it is inspiring to meet the dedicated project leaders and hear about their great ideas. The pitch event will be held on June 1st and the result will be announced as soon as the successful projects confirm that they are taking up the challenge.

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