Autum ideas

The IT Innovation Challenges launched a new call for ideas in Micahelmas Term 2015. The call invited staff to submit ideas for projects that would:

  • assist in undergraduate admissions and access activities
  • make research easier for researchers
  • provide solutions for international collaboration in research

As before, students were encouraged to share their ideas for digital projects that can improve student life in general, and for this round a special plea was made for projects that can assist with undergraduate admissions and access.

A total of 32 staff ideas and 18 student ideas were submitted by the deadline. These were viewed over 5,000 times, and comments, suggestions and votes were added by hundreds of contributors. The submitted ideas were reviewed by the Innovation Panel, and a subset of idea creators were invited to submit a project proposal where they describe how their ideas can be turned into a project. These will be presented to the Innovation Panel in February, and some of the idea creators will then be offered the opportunity to run their project with funding from IT Innovation Challenges.

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