Dec 2. You and your career

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As the end of the year is approaching, do you regret what you have not done (yet) or look forward to new exciting challenges to come? In any case, you may want to consider your career. Are you finding career planning something of a challenge? The new Career Weaver app from the Oxford University Careers Services can help. Spend some time on yourself and use the free online exercises to explore, name, and describe the keys to your career success and happiness. You can choose between a dozen exercises, do as many or few as you like in any order. Most of them only take between 5-15 minutes and will help you identify, take ownership of and articulate underlying beliefs, preferences and strengths which are important for career planning and your success wherever you are in your career. Surely you can give yourself that?

Career Weaver is a web-based App to structure and stimulate reflection by individuals on their values and work preferences; strengths and skills; and motivations. Collectively, these are important drivers for success and happiness at work – and beyond. In particular it focuses on stimulating reflection in three important areas.

 What I love: Investigate the values and work preferences that underpin your intuitions, decisions and life satisfaction, both inside and outside work.
 What I am good at: Take time to understand your true strengths and skills.
 Why I do it: Bring together the insights about ‘what you love‘ and ‘what you are good at‘ with ideas about what really motivates you to help you understand and explain ‘why‘ you enjoy what you enjoy doing and what underpins your commitment and success.


Career Weaver has been designed and built by the University of Oxford Careers Service, with support of the IT Innovation Challenges scheme. It is being released for User Acceptance Testing between November 2019 and early January 2020. All staff and students are welcome to use their SSO to access the tool and work through the exercises. Any feedback is welcome (survey available in the App). To find out more and use the App, please go to

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