Dec 12. Digital makers

Looking for something to do over the holidays? Want to be creative and learn new skills? Why not try some digital making?

‘Digital Makers’ is an IT Innovation Challenges project looking at how affordable and flexible small computers, such as the micro:bit and Raspberry Pi, can be used to create new and rich experiences for museum visitors. By adding a technology aspect to more traditional craft activities, the team are allowing visitors to quickly acquire enough coding skills to add light, sound, movement and interactive elements to models or projects. While technology can supply the mechanism for digital making, the inspiration is provided by the rich collections held within GLAM. The first trial workshops have generated very positive feedback, suggesting it is something for both young and old to look out for.

‘Different, fun, mind boggling, ..’

‘very 21st century, fascinating… ‘

‘I will tell people I really enjoyed today and it’s worth going’ (child)

If you want to explore some digital making of your own, why not visit the micro:bit and Rasberry Pi websites where you can find out more about the technology. And keep an eye out for new museum workshops and activities by the ‘Digital Makers’ team.

Participants in the first Digital Maker workshop using technology, including Raspberry Pis and Micro:bits creatively

GLAM Labs Digital Makers team at work. Photo by O. Bridle

‘Digital Makers’ is joint project between the Ashmolean Museum and Bodleian Libraries, funded by IT Innovation Challenges.

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