About LTG

The Learning Technologies Group was established in April 2001 by Oxford University Computing Services in response to a growing demand for advice and support related to the use of C&IT in traditional teaching, learning and research in all disciplines.

The LTG is committed to the following objectives:

* Providing and developing a central Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the University, tailored to the needs of students and staff;
* Carrying out and disseminating influential research into the latest developments in the use of C&IT in traditional university teaching and learning which is valued by the academic community inside and outside Oxford University;
* Providing University staff and students with training in IT literacy skills and how to effectively use C&IT in teaching and research;
* Promoting the use of C&IT in teaching at Oxford via our user communities, websites, news publications, workshops and events;
* Providing well equipped teaching and training spaces for use by OUCS, members of the University and external guests;
* Promoting and supporting the use of online multimedia for learning and teaching via projects and services;
* Developing learning packages and project websites in line with best practice and in collaboration with Oxford staff and external bodies as appropriate;
* Recognizing and celebrating innovation and good practice in use of C&IT in teaching at Oxford;
* Ensuring that our practice is inclusive, up to date and in line with user needs.

If you have any general questions about the LTG, please contact us. ltg@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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