WebLearn and Turnitin courses Trinity Term 2016

IT Services offers a variety of taught courses to support the use of WebLearn and the plagiarism awareness software Turnitin. Course books for the formal courses (3-hour sessions) can be downloaded for self study. Places are limited and bookings are required.

Click on the links provided to book a place, or for further information. Bookings open 30 days in advance, but you can express an interest in a course and receive a reminder to book when booking opens.

WebLearn courses:

Plagiarism awareness courses (Turnitin):

Byte-sized lunch time sessions:

These focus on particular tools with plenty of time for questions and discussion

User Group meeting:

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WebLearn will be unavailable on Tuesday 26 April 2016 from 7-9am

cisco-routerThere will be no service during this period this is due to essential maintenance of the AFS filesystem.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this essential work may cause.

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The Contact Us Tool

I thought it may be useful to show the information that is sent when one dispatches a message using the Conatct Us form within WebLearn.

As you will see, the context from within WebLearn is included: username, email and so on, plus the URL of the site where the message was sent from. In addition, we are able to include information about the user’s browser which may be relevant to debugging a problem.

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Open Apereo 2016 Conference 22-25 May 2016: Higher Education … 100% Open for Education


Venue: May 22-25, 2016 Kimmel Center at New York University – NYC, NY
Website: http://conference.apereo.org
Twitter: #apereo16

The conference program is now available for Open Apereo 2016. The program includes many sessions ranging across all Apereo projects. Learn the latest project news and see how peers are using these tools to improve teaching, learning and research on their campus. Presentations will focus on leadership, advocacy, analytics, teaching and learning, identity management and technology.

Don’t forget to register today to take advantage of the early bird pricing (available until April 22)

There are many things to see in New York City! Check out the website for ideas to get you started at http://conference.apereo.org/attendees.

We look forward to seeing you!

Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

Laura McCord, Open Apereo 2016 Planning Committee Chair

Mac Stewart, Open Apereo 2016 Program Committee Co-chair

Alan Regan, Open Apereo 2016 Program Committee Co-chair

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WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox11 on 22 March 2016

WebLearn was upgraded  to version 2.10-ox11 on 22nd March 2016. If you would like more details then please contact the Service Desk.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


  • Introduction of IMS LTI-based TurnItIn Integration – this will be piloted with users over the next couple of months and will replace the current integration over the Long Vac 2016
  • Group management improvements
    • For Participant Groups representing courses, the students who will be assigned the ‘suspended’ role are shown separately (so it’s clear which groups and which students are being adding to a site),
    • Once added, the suspended and current student groups are both explicitly listed with a single ‘Remove’ button,
    • it is no longer possible to add a Participant group and assign it the ‘suspended’ role – this was a bug
  • The wording of the ‘Welcome to WebLearn’ email message has been improved
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WebLearn unavailable on Tuesday 22 March 2016 from 7-9am

We plan to upgrade WebLearn to version 10-ox11 on Tuesday 22 March 2016 7-9am. There will be no service during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this essential work may cause.

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Online submission of assessments via WebLearn

Courtesy of AAD News Alert 21 March 21016

Education Committee’s Examinations Panel has agreed that departments which wish to begin using online submission for examined work should use the centrally-supported WebLearn solution. A number of departments have been taking part in a pilot of this system and are continuing to use it. Departments that use online submission are required to follow a framework agreed by Examinations Panel. The Examinations and Assessments team has run workshops during Hilary term to introduce departments to WebLearn online submission and the requirements of the framework.

If you did not attend a workshop but your department is interested in online submission, contact taughtdegrees@admin.ox.ac.uk.

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WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox10 during w/c 7 March 2016

WebLearn was upgraded  to version 2.10-ox10 during the week commencing 8th March 2016. If you would like more details then please contact the Service Desk

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.

Reading Lists (ORLiMS)

  • Reading lists are now copied between sites correctly, this includes site duplications, using “Imprort from Site” and copying using WebDAV. (Reading Lists can also be copied with a site.)
  • One cannot edit a reading list before all new items have been fully imported – this fixes a bug whereby citations were being deleted if the list was edited before all new items had been added
  • There is now a ‘Print Reading List’ link on the student view of a reading list
  • Students can now export a reading list in RIS format
  • Every reading list now shows the time and date that it was last updated (on the student view)
  • One can now export all items at once (in RIS format) on Edit Reading list page (staff view)

Other improvements

  • Unpublished, softly deleted sites now appear in the list of Softly Deleted sites in the Worksite Setup tool
  • Lessons Tool content is now indexed so items can be found by the Search Tool (User Voice request)
  • There are now ‘Continue’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons at both the top and bottom of the ‘Browse Resources’ page when adding content to Lessons or when linking to a file in Resources from within a Reading List
  • There is now a user option (tick box) to ‘Overwrite existing files’ on the Drag and Drop upload page in Resources
  • The start time of an assignment in the Assignments Tool is now pre-filled with the current time instead of 12:00
  • Researcher Training Tool: people on the waiting list no longer receive erroneous messages
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WebLearn Phishing Excercise – Please Warn Your Staff

Fish: https://www.flickr.com/photos/laurelrusswurm/12395604404/Quite a few people have received a message (given below) about the need to reactivate an expiring WebLearn account. The link goes to a spoofed copy of the “WebAUTH” login page which looks quite convincing

I would like to assure you that this is NOT a legitimate message: users should NOT click or follow the link.

I have reported this to OxCERT but I would appreciate it if you could spread the word amongst staff and students that they should ignore this and any other similar messages.

That message again:

Subject: Expiration Notice

Dear User,

This message is to inform you that your access to the WebLearn will soon expire. You will have to login to your account to continue to have access to this service.
You need to reactivate it just by logging in through the following URL. A successful login will activate your account and you will be redirected to your WebLearn page.


If you are not able to login, please contact Fred Bloggs […]  for immediate assistance.


Fred Bloggs
IT Services
University of Oxford

For more information please visit: https://www.infosec.ox.ac.uk/current-alert/weblearn-phishing-e-mails

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Sakai 11 QA testing is in full swing!


From Dede Hourican (Marist College)

For the past month, the Sakai Quality Assurance (QA) team has been conducting weekly QA “Test Fests” on Thursdays, 10am to noon Eastern time (15:00 – 17:00 GMT). These communal testing sessions provide an opportunity to troubleshoot and document issues with the support of the QA Team and other community members. We have had a great turnout to this point – there are a total of 81 people currently enrolled in the Sakai QA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance. However, we need your help in this sizeable effort of testing Sakai 11.

Thus far, the QA Team has been working on the following:

  • Focused testing of the new Morpheus interface, to identify UI issues;
  • Consolidating/updating of Sakai tool regression test scripts, to provide a clear and consistent set of testing materials;
  • Streamlining of the QA process, to allow members of the community to more easily contribute to the QA effort.

With this in mind, we have provided a simplified Sakai 11 QA Hub in confluence with useful information for those interested in testing. This Hub provides information for joining the Sakai QA list, as well as our Sakai QA Slack channel.

If any WebLearn users would like to help with the QA effort then please get in touch with the central WebLearn team via weblearn@it.ox.ac.uk. Oxford will be moving to version 11 over the summer and helping with QA would be a great way of helping out the Sakai community and getting first-hand experience of the upcoming release.

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