Write your own tools and utilities using WebLearn’s Entity Broker REST interface

Entity Broker is a REST web service interface to Sakai. It is self-documenting, see https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/direct/describe, but as you will see, some of the documentation is somewhat lacking. I stumbled across a blog post that Damion Young’s made about WebLearn (Sakai’s) Entity … Continue reading

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New Student Dashboard: Collating All Recorded Lectures

At the start of December we added a new personalised dashboard that displays a personalised list of all your sites / courses containing ‘Recorded Lectures’. To access your dashboard you must first login to WebLearn, click on your avatar at … Continue reading

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Using WebLearn to aid student induction

Lettitia Derrington (Department for Continuing Education) received a project grant to develop a WebLearn feature that could be made available across the University to support the online induction of postgraduate students. http://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/adamweblearn/2015/11/university-teaching-awards-2015/ Lettitia built an ‘Induction Lessons Tool’, made entirely with … Continue reading

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