WebLearn Phishing Attack (of sorts)

Quite a few people have received a strange message (given below) about the need to reactivate an expiring WebLearn account. I would like to assure you that this is NOT a legitimate message: users should NOT click or follow the … Continue reading

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Mobile Oxford vs. AppGrad WebLearn ‘App’ – one clear winner!

Mobile Oxford provides the only fully supported WebLearn mobile application. This provides easy-access to a handful of the most popular areas of WebLearn, it also restricts the ability to remove material which is invaluable should the mobile device be lost … Continue reading

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WebLearn 2.8-ox7.1 Released: Many Fixes for Firefox 23 Blocked Content Included

WebLearn was upgraded on 12th September 2013 to version 2.8-ox7.1. This was an emergency release which added functionality to WebLearn so that it rewrites pages in order to display content and links that would otherwise be blocked by Firefox 23 … Continue reading

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Firefox now blocks non-secure content from WebLearn: WebLearn pages may need to be edited

A recent change to Firefox v23  browser behaviour may have a significant impact on WebLearn users. Firefox v23 will now block Mixed Active Content by default.  This makes it more secure. It will  not display non-secure (http) content within the … Continue reading

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Is WebLearn Secure?

WebLearn does not currently have any known security issues and all connections and data transfers to and from the new WebLearn are encrypted using the secure HTTPS network protocol. The WebLearn team are kept constantly up to date by the … Continue reading

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