Dec 10. Oxford Stories

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What do medieval churches, celebrating diversity, and new library readers have in common? They are all the focus in one of the free tours created with the Oxford Stories application.

Discover some of the alternative stories connected to Oxford’s buildings, streets and collections as told by researchers, community members, and students.

Oxford Stories is a collection of tours, the site where the tours can be found, and the tool used to build them. The tool was initially created by the Software Solutions team at IT Services as part of the Diversifying the University Voice project (supported by IT Innovation Challenges). It has since been developed further and can now be used to easily create tours that feature text, images, audio and video. Visit Oxford Stories on a mobile device and take a guided tour along the trail. You can also explore the tours from the comfort of your chair, using the maps, text and media resources to show you new and exciting aspects of Oxford.

A list of all current tours can be found on the Oxford Stories site The list will grow as more tours are added but currently include:

  • Medieval Churches of Oxford: an interactive tour of medieval churches and spaces
  • Taylor Institution Library: a tour for new readers and anyone who wishes to see the library from the inside
  • Reformation Walking Tour: walk in the steps of graduates and faculty who became martyrs and leaders
  • Pitt Rivers Museum: discover new stories about museum artefacts
  • Out in Oxford: celebrate diversity through alternative insights into our shared, queer heritage
  • Torch: a number of Oxford Alternative Stories with themes such as: Black History, Colonialism, Religion, Refugee, and more.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY:  Do you have an idea for a tour? Why not join the Summer of Innovation challenge which is funding a number of students to work on innovative digital projects. Call for ideas opens in January (see


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