The Week Before World IPv6 Day

So the big news is that as of this morning / has AAAA records and is hence reachable via IPv6, so currently the university IPv6 presence for World IPv6 day will be: Websites (plus subsites) … Continue reading

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IPv6 Stateful Active/Standby Failover with Cisco ASAs

There was some debate on the Cisco ASA failover situation with regard to IPv6. Since we’re potentially about to make a interim firewall purchase for the main university IPv6 traffic (we route IPv6 separately to IPv4 to avoid a limitation … Continue reading

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IPv6 from a Systems Development perspective

[Guest article by Dominic Hargreaves from the Systems Development and Support team] ´╗┐Regular readers of the Networks team blog will know that preparatory work to enable IPv6 across the University backbone has been underway for some time. This article offers … Continue reading

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Global IPv6 Day

On the 8th of June, for 24 hours, the major names that make up the web experience for a large proportion of users of the Internet will be enabling IPv6 on their services. The announcement: What does this mean? … Continue reading

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Webcache IPv6 enabled

By now people are probably getting bored of hearing about the webcache so you’ll be glad to know that this should be the last post on the subject, the webcache having been successfully enabled for IPv6 this morning. Note that … Continue reading

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Kernel for the webcache

Mathematical Institute The initial switched /64 connection to the Mathematical Institute was switched to a routed firewall connection this week and as a result I’ve routed the entire /56 that was set aside to them. I think we’ll have to … Continue reading

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IPv6 to client networks, the raw first attempt

All New Authoritative and Resolver DNS servers The last DNS resolver and all of the DNS authoritative servers have now been migrated to new hardware, the resolver having being migrated approx 6:10am this morning. There’s other work I’d like to … Continue reading

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DNS resolvers and (unrelated) IPv6 progress

I thought I’d cover our IPv6/server replacement progress this week but also describe some IPv6 issues we bumped into in case it assists other IT Officers in the University. DNS Resolvers Firstly we’re replaced the second of the three DNS … Continue reading

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Surprise! You have IPv6 connectivity!

I bet you didn’t think you had IPv6 connectivity yet (certainly in any University department). After all we’re still working through our plan to light up IPv6 services in the core. Well, news flash: if you’re running Windows 7 in … Continue reading

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New DNS servers

Completed The main progress on the IPv6 and server deployments this week: This morning we’ve deployed a new DNS resolver to replace our oldest in service host. It was due to be done last week but I spent a little … Continue reading

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