Linux and eduroam: Monitoring

For the past few months my colleague John and I have been trying to explain the inner most details of the new eduroam service, how it’s put together, how it runs and how it’s managed. These posts haven’t shied away … Continue reading

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How to generate graphs with gnuplot

Introduction During the JANET Carrrier Ethernet Trial we we took part in, I needed to plot some data based on our testing and came across gnuplot. It is actually quite simple to use and we’re doing so more and more … Continue reading

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Relaxing the DNS CNAME rules (a little)

In the University we have a web tool which allows IT Staff to update parts of the DNS covering their own unit. It’s a simple tool which we hope one day to replace, but serves well enough for most cases … Continue reading

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More Visio-fu thanks to Etherealmind guy

My recent post about Visio focussed on navigating around the user interface and knowing the content of its toolbox. If you want some great tips for network diagrams, and actually laying stuff out on the page so it’s clear, check … Continue reading

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Visio 2007 Tips and Tricks

Recently I decided to up my Visio-fu, and also to settle on a set of standard templates and shapes for my network diagrams. A quick browse around Safari Books Online turned up three Visio tomes, so on a quiet weekend … Continue reading

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