The University’s mail relays and encryption

By the time this post has been published, the Oxmail relays will most likely be using opportunistic encryption to encrypt outgoing emails, in response to actions by cloud mail providers. However, we would like to make it clear that we … Continue reading

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I just received a spam email from my own address

Our team was asked to answer some queries about how it’s possible to receive mail that has been forged as being from your email address. This article slightly overlaps with a previous article in 2011┬áthat covered similar ground. Please note … Continue reading

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Joe Job Spam Run

The university received two spam run campaigns, the first uses a forged sender to make a university address look like the sender, the second uses forged university addresses (i.e. not accounts) in an outgoing campaign to other sites, resulting in … Continue reading

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AOL mail

Just a minor post about an issue some people might have seen (things are fairly quiet in the runup to Christmas). If you had an issue delivering mail to or from an address today this post explains why. I … Continue reading

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Cisco firewall SMTP “fixup” considered harmful

This issue is old and familiar to us, and crops up about once every six months or so. I thought it might help to document the situation more publicly. On Cisco firewalls (PIX or the newer ASA), various protocol inspection … Continue reading

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URIBL is back

We had to remove Oxmail’s checking of URIs against the URIBL blacklist a couple of weeks ago after a change of licensing meant that we could no longer use it for free. JANET(UK) has now purchased a private datafeed and … Continue reading

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