Using Microsoft Active Directory as the Authentication server for an SSL VPN on a Cisco ASA.

Background We wanted to be able to run an SSL VPN for a second team (Team B) on one of our ASA pairs. It was important to give each team a different VPN pool for security reasons. The first team … Continue reading

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VPN NAT Changes

What is this post about? We are planning to make a minor change to the way our VPNs NAT clients. For those who are interested, this blog post explains why and how we are doing this. Please note that these … Continue reading

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BBC iPlayer and the University VPN

[edit] Since writing this an iPlayer developer has passed on via informal channels that they’re using the Quova geolocation service. In this database part of our VPN address range was designated an ‘international proxy’ – while this may be regarded … Continue reading

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Fixing the iPhone OS WiFi auto-login problem

Some time ago, shortly after iPhone OS 3.0 was released, we received a number of reports from users that our VPN-based wireless service had become unusable. For those not familiar with this service, OWL is one of our local wireless … Continue reading

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VPN Service changing server IP addresses

This change is not happening now.  This message is simply to give advance notice in order to give you time to change your firewall rules if necessary. The current VPN Service is provided by a single server with IP address … Continue reading

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